About Rocks Off Couture

Our Story

Bree Nielsen and her mother Denise began pursuing their passion for jewelry design in 2008, and founded Rocks Off Couture in 2010 as a fun way to spend time together.  The company has since bloomed into an exclusive handmade ocean-inspired jewelry line. Its influences stem from the beautiful sunsets of Southern California to the shell-riddled beaches of Maui, Bahamas and many other exotic locales. 

Bree grew up among the waves and the sand, surfing and hunting the beaches for seashells. She cherishes memories of "borrowing" her mother's jewelry as a child, and collecting bejeweled treasures from all over the world to use in her own pieces of jewelry. The combination of Bree’s childhood memories, travels abroad, and the guiding spirit of her mother embody the heart and soul of Rocks Off Couture. 

Bree's business expertise derives from a background in the surf apparel industry, hailing from the likes of Arnette Sunglasses and Hot Buttered Sunglasses. She served as the National Sales and Marketing Director at Da Hui North America from 2001 to 2006 and later as President from 2006 to 2010.


Jewelry Care

Some of our pieces are gold dipped/overlay. The gold dipping/overlay process requires a thick build up of copper, silver or bronze, and lastly a heavy layer of 24k or 18k gold. Often there may be tiny imperfections in the finish such as a bump or bubble. If you are expecting a perfect item, please do not purchase. Each one is different and unique and no two pieces are identical with regards to shark teeth, sea shells, arrowheads, and pearls or any other natural materials that we incorporate into our designs. 

Please be sure to take care of your gold dipped/overlay jewelry by taking it off before swimming and showering. Wait to put on until after lotions or perfumes dry since chemicals can often harm or stain gold dipped/overlay. If you get any of these items on your gold dipped/overlay jewelry just simply wash gently with warm soapy water and dry immediately.



(Harper in the Mini Couture bangle set, designed for children)


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